Introducing Jiksoo

Advanced Tankless Technology

Water Made Worry-Free

Designed to eliminate the risk of biofilm formation and prevent secondary
contamination from air in the environment, JIKSOO tankless technology
purifies flowing water directly from your water source to your cup.

Why Tankless Technology

SK Magic has always strived to provide the cleanest and safest water to all
our clients through the use of advanced technology.

A global leader and one
of the largest companies in the market for home appliances in South Korea,
SK Magic’s development of tankless technology has allowed consumers to
have easy access to clean, pure water that never goes stagnant, without any
risk of secondary contamination compared to older technologies in the market.

Tankless Benefits

No Secondary Contamination

Bio-film formation and bacteria growth might occur as water is stored in the tank for a long period of time.

Slim Sleek Design

SK magic’s JIKSOO Tankless Water Purifier is slim and compact with the elimination of tank, saving space and adding aesthetic aspect to your kitchen.

Infinity Capacity

Provides unlimited water supply of hot and cold water with instant heating and cooling system.

Energy Efficiency

Electricity is used only when water is dispensed, saving electricity power and provides consistent water temperature at the same time.

Filtration System

5 globally recognised filtration materials are used in the 3 Filtration Systems to purify water source and provide water that is clean, pure and full of minerals

* Picture shown is for illustration purpose only.


Removes large particles such as dust, sand, soil, rust, oxidised pollutants.

Non-woven Fabric

Non-woven Fabric
Eliminates fine particles.

Composite Carbon Block

Eliminates residual chlorine, odour & dissolved VOC.

Nano Alumina Fibre

Removes massive clusters of bacteria, viruses and heavy metals

Powdered Activated Carbon

Enhances taste of water and retain minerals.

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